Tidewater Mensa
Photograph(s) from the 2005 Christmas Party
Dec. 10, 2005

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Photos by Don Gregory:

PC105911 PC105912 PC105913 PC105915 PC105916 PC105917
PC105918 PC105919 PC105922 PC105924 PC105925 PC105926
PC105927 PC105929 PC105931 PC105932 PC105933 PC105934
PC105935 PC105936 PC105937 PC105939 PC105940 PC105941
PC105942 PC105943 PC105946 PC105948 PC105949 PC105950
PC105952 PC105953 PC105955 PC105957 PC105960 PC105962
PC105963 PC105964 PC105965 PC105966 PC105967 PC105969
PC105972 PC105973 PC105975 PC105977 PC105981