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M-Tides is the official publication of Tidewater Mensa and is published monthly. This online version contains Adobe Acrobat files (click here) of the most current edition and will change each month as a new edition of the newsletter is published.

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Page 1 From the LocSec—Phoenix Malizia
Page 2 February MG: A Wine Tasting—Steve Toth, Activities Director
Trivia Tuesday at Ghost Harbor Brewing Co. in Elizabeth City, NC
37th Annual Mensa Walk Across Maryland—Joe Turlo, Trailmaster
Page 3 December 2022 ExComm Minutes—Steve Toth, Recording Secretary
January 2023 ExComm Minutes—Steve Toth, Recording Secretary
Page 4 April MG: Annexation Celebration – and More!—Steve Toth, Activities Director
Page 5 Disc-ussions—Jay Dunner
Page 6 Region 2 RVC Newsletter Column—Trebor Lefebvre, RVC2
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ExComm Roster and M-Tides Masthead
TM Event Schedule and Locations
Page 8 Summary TOC and Upcoming Events

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Mensa is an international society whose sole membership requirement is a score in the top 2% of the general populationon an approved intelligence test. Its sole purpose is to serve as a means of communication and assembly for its members. It is a not for profit organization, has no religious or political affiliations, holds no opinions, champions no causes, and promotes no official positions.

The opinions expressed in this newsletter are the opinions of the authors, and not necessarily those of the Editor or Officers of Mensa, although they just might be.

Deadline for articles is usually the first Sunday after the Ex-Comm meeting, and preferred format electronic. Anonymous contributions will not be printed; however, a name will be withheld on request. The Editor reserves the right to edit all or part of any items offered for publication.

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