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Most of us joined Mensa to meet and mix with other Mensans. Being a SIGHT host provides an additional, wonderful opportunity to do more of just that, and it's a chance to meet interesting people from all over the world.

SIGHT is set up to assist travelers on short visits to the Tidewater area. Our area is very popular, and Mensans visiting here need information about places to stay, points of interest, and local Mensa events. You've traveled and you know what it's like to visit an unfamiliar area.

If you can answer an email, talk on the phone, or respond to a letter, you can be a SIGHT host. It's a real help if you're also the kind of person who can pick the traveler up at the airport, if you can provide accomodations, or if you can take them sightseeing.

All of this is purely voluntary. Hosts can specify the kinds of guests they're willing to accept and can reject smokers, pets, children, or whatever their house rules call for. SIGHT hosts are not obliged to take a guest or to put up with bad behavior, and they can ask for a stipend to help defray guests' costs.

How can you use SIGHT? Just e-mail when you're ready to travel, and you will receive information on the SIGHT Coordinator at your destination. Fill out the online Guest Form+ and your SIGHT coordinator can find you the best match. Or, you may complete the SIGHT Guest Registration Form and send the information to our .

To become a SIGHT host, please complete the online Host Registration Form.+ Or, you may complete the SIGHT Host Registration Form and send the information to our .

To learn more about the SIGHT program, visit the Mensa National SIGHT page.+

*Service for Information, Guidance, and Hospitality for Travelers
+Your personal Mensa membership number and password required.

Page last updated on June 1, 2011.

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